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The following notes show how the model will develop, they are not intended to be anything more than a guide.


It is generally accepted that there is little variation in the radii of atoms of different elements. This is because nucleons can share a common centre where the dimensionless ZVPs (red crosses) crowd together. The force of gravity holds the electrons in the shell and forces the creation of new electron shells. The gravitons between two atoms draw the atoms towards a common centre.




In the diagram below I have attempted to combine the waves of the field shell and the field nucleus to show how the wave structure contains the particle nucleus. Dash lines are used for the shell waves, solid lines are used for the field nucleus waves. The circles produced where the shell and nuclear waves overlap was totally unexpected.




Fig. 2 taken together with figs. 3 and 4 show how force (fig.3), anti-force (fig.4) and wave system (fig.2) combine to give the atom its structure.

Fig. 3



Fig. 4