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The following table shows that Newton's equation for finding the gravitational force between two bodies is equivalent to finding the linear force of two overlapping composite vacuum fields. The mass numbers are needed to allow for the compaction of some of the vacuum fields within the composite vacuum fields.

The following table compares the force of gravity found using Newton's formula, with the force found by overlapping two vacuum fields with the same distances between centres as those used in the gravity table.

Vacuum obeys the standard inverse square law and therefore has the same total force on all concentric spheres.


force per unit of

mass mass         surface surface area   minus
m1 m2 r r Gm1m2/r   area G1 G2 G(l-m) Gm1m2/r
a b d e f   k l m o p
50 30 2000000 4E+12 2.50125E-20   5.02655E+13 9.94718E-13 5.96831E-13 2.65E-23 -2.50E-20
50 30 3000000 9E+12 1.11167E-20   1.13097E+14 4.42097E-13 2.65258E-13 1.18E-23 -1.11E-20
50 30 4000000 1.6E+13 6.25313E-21   2.01062E+14 2.4868E-13 1.49208E-13 6.63E-24 -6.25E-21
50 30 5000000 2.5E+13 4.002E-21   3.14159E+14 1.59155E-13 9.5493E-14 4.25E-24 -4.00E-21
50 30 6000000 3.6E+13 2.77917E-21   4.52389E+14 1.10524E-13 6.63146E-14 2.95E-24 -2.78E-21
50 30 7000000 4.9E+13 2.04184E-21   6.15752E+14 8.12015E-14 4.87209E-14 2.17E-24 -2.04E-21
50 30 8000000 6.4E+13 1.56328E-21   8.04248E+14 6.21699E-14 3.73019E-14 1.66E-24 -1.56E-21
50 30 9000000 8.1E+13 1.23519E-21   1.01788E+15 4.91219E-14 2.94731E-14 1.31E-24 -1.23E-21
50 30 10000000 1E+14 1.0005E-21   1.25664E+15 3.97887E-14 2.38732E-14 1.06E-24 -9.99E-22
50 30 11000000 1.21E+14 8.2686E-22   1.52053E+15 3.28833E-14 1.973E-14 8.77E-25 -8.26E-22
50 30 12000000 1.44E+14 6.94792E-22   1.80956E+15 2.76311E-14 1.65786E-14 7.37E-25 -6.94E-22
50 30 13000000 1.69E+14 5.92012E-22   2.12372E+15 2.35436E-14 1.41262E-14 6.28E-25 -5.91E-22
50 30 14000000 1.96E+14 5.10459E-22   2.46301E+15 2.03004E-14 1.21802E-14 5.42E-25 -5.10E-22
50 30 15000000 2.25E+14 4.44667E-22   2.82743E+15 1.76839E-14 1.06103E-14 4.72E-25 -4.44E-22
50 30 16000000 2.56E+14 3.9082E-22   3.21699E+15 1.55425E-14 9.32548E-15 4.15E-25 -3.90E-22
50 30 17000000 2.89E+14 3.46194E-22   3.63168E+15 1.37677E-14 8.26064E-15 3.67E-25 -3.46E-22
50 30 18000000 3.24E+14 3.08796E-22   4.0715E+15 1.22805E-14 7.36828E-15 3.28E-25 -3.08E-22
50 30 19000000 3.61E+14 2.77147E-22   4.53646E+15 1.10218E-14 6.61309E-15 2.94E-25 -2.77E-22
50 30 20000000 4E+14 2.50125E-22   5.02655E+15 9.94718E-15 5.96831E-15 2.65E-25 -2.50E-22
To convert gravitational force to vacuum force, multiply by 1.06E-03        


The following table shows that the difference decreases with distance in a fractional order.

minus difference  
Gm1m2/r a-b b/a


a -2.50E-20    
b -1.11E-20 -1.39E-20  5/9
-6.25E-21 -4.86E-21  4/9
-4.00E-21 -2.25E-21  1/3
-2.78E-21 -1.22E-21  1/3
-2.04E-21 -7.37E-22  1/4
-1.56E-21 -4.78E-22  1/4
-1.23E-21 -3.28E-22  1/5
-9.99E-22 -2.34E-22  1/5
-8.26E-22 -1.73E-22  1/6
-6.94E-22 -1.32E-22  1/6
-5.91E-22 -1.03E-22  1/7
-5.10E-22 -8.15E-23  1/7
-4.44E-22 -6.57E-23  1/8
-3.90E-22 -5.38E-23  1/8
-3.46E-22 -4.46E-23  1/9
-3.08E-22 -3.74E-23  1/9
-2.77E-22 -3.16E-23  1/9
-2.50E-22 -2.70E-23 0